9 Top-Rated Mobile Games Out Now!

Mobile games are both highly and increasingly popular. Monster hunting, racing, superhero, role playing, and countless other styles keep players engaged for countless hours on end. Mobile games are also excellent for providing temporary escapes from the stressors of real life. Continue reading to learn more about the best mobile games available for iOS and Android systems today.

The Top 9 Mobile Games You Need to Have on Your Phone Today

What type of mobile game is your favorite? The possibilities seem nearly endless. You might already know about the top games available and are looking for more information before buying. You might also need a guide on the types of options out there to purchase for your child or as a new game for your phone. The top-9 mobile games on the market today include:

1. Fortnite Mobile.

2. Diablo Immortal.

3. Mobile Legends.

4. Friday Night Funkin’.

5. Marvel Future Revolution.

6. Lords Mobile Monster Hunt.

7. Ragnarok Eternal Love.

8. Lineage 2: Revolution.

9. XCOM 2 Android Mobile.

Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games created in recent times. Fortnite is created by Epic Games, which is one of the top game making companies in business. Fortnite Mobile and Fortnite are each considered the top “battle royale” genre games made for PC and mobile systems.

This is despite a few combat glitches and the presence of microtransactions, which says a lot for the game’s popularity with consumers overall. Epic Games entered a feud with Apple and Google. Epic Games utilized a loophole to get Fortnite Mobile into the hands of its players without paying Apple. Both the Apple iOS and Google Play stores pulled Fortnite Mobile from their respective platforms in response. A resolution to the dispute is allegedly in the works, however, which means new versions of Fortnite Mobile might return to Apple iOS and Google Play stores soon.

As another point of interest, the popular Infinity Blade Android game (also made by Epic) is also no longer available for download. This game, however, might never return to a downloadable status as Epic publicly stated difficulties in its ability “to support the Infinity Blade series at a level” meeting its standards.

Diablo Inmortal
Diablo Inmortal

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal was initially released to mixed reviews by players despite current popularity and consumer approval. This is because recent BETA versions (available in the Diablo II remaster and full-feature Diablo IV games) saw hugely positive responses during testing.

This is exciting for fans of action-RPG mobile games. Diablo Immortal allows dungeon crawls, monster bashing and acquiring treasures in multiple forms. The graphics and overall presentation are both lush and Gothic in style. The combat is impactful and game progression is both rapid, and, most importantly – fun.

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game full of exciting heroes and combat scenes. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)-genre game. Animation is both fun and powerful. The game provides literally dozens of awesome heroes, from which players choose then master their moves and skills.

Characters (heroes) are tiered in classes. Exciting new characters are always created frequently. Moonton (game maker) likes to keep some new hero additions secret leading up to their public release. As a result, the Mobile Legend new hero additions are always highly anticipated by players every year.

Please note: The Apex Legends Mobile is a similar-style game in BETA development through 2021 for Android 6.0 systems and higher. Instead of engaging in one-on-one battles, this game instead allows players to choose characters to use for building entire squads.

Characters are either “outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes” which all have unique skill sets. Apex Legends Mobile will provide interesting competition for the Mobile Legends franchise once fully released.

Friday Night Funkin’
Friday Night Funkin’

The Friday Night Funkin mobile game is an exciting rhythm game created by Cameron Taylor. TikTok and YouTube both contributed to the massive popularity of this game with young players. The animation and art style are nothing short of amazing.

The soundtracks range from enjoyable to outright infectious. Friday Night Funkin’ is a battle rap game with a foundation based on rhythm and style. Difficulty levels are customizable, although they do also naturally increase to keep things fresh for players. The wide variety of cartoon-style characters also keeps things interesting. Friday Night Funkin’ was originally released via itch.io but is now available for standard PC and mobile devices.

Marvel Future Revolution
Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile role-playing-game (RPG). The game environment takes place in the Marvel universe, albeit post-Convergence. Yes, “Convergence” is a proper noun in Marvel-speak, and it refers to multiple planet Earths from different timelines and cosmic locations merging into one planet. Players can choose from Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man or Spider-Man characters.

Doctor Strange is also an option. Mission chains are different for each character, keeping things interesting. Microtransactions make this game (and all games) less enjoyable, and some text is challenging to see. Gameplay and combat are fast to get used to and fun from the start, however. Overall, the game also looks fantastic, which helps heighten the enjoyment for players.

Lords Mobile Monster Hunt
Lords Mobile Monster Hunt

Lords Mobile Monster Hunt is part of the overall Lords Mobile gaming franchise. The game is set in a kingdom full of monsters. Your fundamental job is to hunt and destroy them. Lords Mobile Monster Hunt has a basic appeal in this way, which is only part of why it is so popular.

A team of heroes is required to defeat the monsters. Building your team is exciting and fun (and a big part of succeeding in the game). Personal rewards are earned each time you defeat a monster, which is rewarding. Monster hunts also cause you to expend necessary energy in the game, which requires you to put some thought into your strategy as well.

Ragnarok Eternal Love
Ragnarok Eternal Love

Ragnarok Eternal Love might surprise players expecting a game based on Thor or a Marvel plot. The mobile version of this game is adapted from the classic Ragnarok Online (RO) game, which is a massive online multiplayer RPG. The map is huge and contains much to explore.

The scenery and overall animation are simply lovely to look at. The mobile version of this game has met some mixed reviews by players when comparing it to the original PC version. Ragnarok Eternal Love provides portable nostalgia and enjoyment, however, and brings a highly popular MMORPG player experience to a mobile platform.

Lineage II: Revolution
Lineage II: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution by NetMarble was released to a massive launch and promotion. Over 1.5 million people signed up for this game before downloads were even available. Graphics are top-notch all around. Game progression is highly rewarding and perfectly tiered. The customization process is limited but brief.

As your character arc grows, so too does his or her power, gear acquisition, special moves, and active and passive skill sets. Leveling up is powerful as well. For example, it is possible to upgrade equipment by combining items. Multiple interesting options for making your character stronger are also available. Please note: Seven Knights 2 is yet another popular NetMarble hero game with stunning animation and a cinematic playing style.

XCOM 2 Android Mobile Game
XCOM 2 Android Mobile Game

XCOM 2 for Android is a game based on liberating the occupants of Earth from alien invaders. The alien invaders are determined to occupy the planet and rid it of its original inhabitants. The plot of this game continues from twenty years after the original XCOM game plot ended. Isolated resistance factions are unified under one goal: Defeat the aliens.

Recruit and equip soldiers at the XCOM mobile base (Avenger). Create and research weaponry and technology advances at the Avenger manufacturing and research facilities. Missions are enjoyable and managing your base is a completely satisfying player experience. Additional content also allows for enjoyable detours outside the main missions and plot.