The ADT Homekit system is designed by one of the leaders in home security systems today (ADT). When integrated by top home assistant automation services the ADK HomeKit provides some of the best home security features available. For example, enabling or disabling the system is possible when it hears you speak a voice-command personal identification number (PIN). Why is this such a popular and useful feature? Picture yourself entering your home with groceries in both arms, or while carrying children or bringing pets home from the vet. Using a voice-command PIN keeps your home secure, while making your life more convenient.

The ADT HomeKit is widely considered to have the best mobile app integration and Alexa Skills as well. The ADT Stay Mode is armed using the apps. Temperatures are adjustable remotely for individual rooms. Did you remember to lock the from or back doors? Use the ADT HomeKit Alexa Skill apps to find out (and lock the doors if needed remotely). It is also possible to turn lights on and off and perform many other useful home security actions using ADT Alexa Skill apps.

Apple HomeKit, ADT HomeKit, and iRobot Home Assistant
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This combination (Alexa and ADT HomeKit) is so popular, an ADT Alexa Bundle package is sold. The bundle includes the Echo Dot, video camera doorbell, two entry sensors, a motion detector and proprietary ADT Command touchscreen panel. The ADT Away Lighting smart plus is also included in the bundle, making it an overall intelligent decision to help secure your home.

Apple home products also function for home security, entertainment purposes and more. The Apple HomeKit is a smart home platform designed to give you control over multiple Wi-Fi or internet connected devices. Essentially, HomeKit is a platform or framework inside which smart home products and softwares operate together. Apps are available for use on iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and by using Siri voice commands.

The Apple HomeKit platform helps you monitor, change and control things such as electrical outlets, thermostats, cameras, TVs, door locks, lighting and much more. The best feature provided by Apple HomeKit is the ability to conveniently control all applicable products through a centralized system using scenes. Once programmed, scenes make your life easier and more secure every day. Please note: The ADT HomeKit also uses scenes to provide the same types of benefits.

The iRobot Home Assistant program is yet another example of how the best home automation services add convenience and multiple other benefits to your everyday life. Who truly has time to do full-house cleaning in modern times? Integrating the iRobot vacuum cleaner with a Home Assistant app allows your carpets to be vacuumed while you are away. Regular cleaning times are programmable. Functions are also programmable to command your iRobot vacuum cleaner to clean up after you have completed cooking or doing your hair.

Essentially, the benefits provided by using a home assistant automation product, service or app in today’s world are nearly endless. Nothing beats these systems for combining home security, convenience, entertainment, education, and energy savings in a secure centralized location.

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