3 Ways to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets for Your Next Trip

The up-and-down market for airline ticket prices has been hard to follow. Discount flights have been available this past spring and summer. However, prices are expected to shoot sky-high for the holidays once again. 

If you are traveling the skies this fall and winter and need the best flight deals possible, look no further. Below is an Airbus A380 worth of strategies, tips, and websites designed to help you compare ticket prices and grab the best seats available for less.

Use Online Search and Price Comparison Resources
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If you have ever painted your house you know how much prep-work is required before the first coat of paint is even applied. Saving money on airline tickets is ultimately finalized at the point of purchase but the prep-work required for grabbing discount flights starts with online research. Purchasing tickets via an airline website is always an option.

Sometimes great deals are offered directly on these sites, but often they are not. The truth is this: better airfare deals for identical tickets and itineraries are out there. You simply have to know where to look.

What does this mean for you and your wallet? Buying the first available ticket you find in order to secure a seat is no longer necessary. Multiple flight-finder websites and apps are readily available to expand your search fast. Kayak, Expedia, and Momondo are three of the most popular of those sites. Each one has its pros and cons, although all three work in a similar fashion.

Begin by entering your departure date and airport. If searching for roundtrip tickets you also need to enter your return date/airport information. To get the best deals you sometimes need flexible flight dates on one or both ends of your trip. Flexibility discounts are often significant, however (when you grab them at the right time). Skiplagged is another excellent website for finding deals on flight plane tickets. Skiplagged flights are hidden unless you sign up for a free membership, however. Once enrolled you get access to low prices not found anywhere else.

Airfare Watchdog is a combination fare-finder and notification service website. One of this sites’ top features is the inclusion of all airlines in its search parameters. This even includes Southwest Airlines, which typically does not allow its fares to be sold for lower rates through third-party websites.

Promo codes and deals exclusive to specific airlines are two other top benefits offered by Airfare Watchdog. The best feature of this service, however, is the daily updates you receive for cheap last-minute flights and other reduced-fare deals.

The Hopper app is an iOS and Android app designed to increase the simplicity and convenience of booking air travel tickets. You can enter your destination into the app and it responds with a full calendar of pricing and itinerary options. Hopper also sends alerts for price drops on your “watched” flights. Additional online resources and apps for finding the best flight tickets at the lowest prices include:

  • Orbitz.
  • Priceline.
  • Hotwire.
  • Agoda.
  • Skyscanner Flights.

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