Football cards were first released in 1888 (135 years ago) and initially also served the same promotional purposes. So many great players have come and gone since the inception of the NFL in 1920, leaving behind not only on-field records but also legendary collectible player cards. 

The 2024 Topps Series 1 best cards focus on baseball legends. Where do collectors turn to purchase interesting and valuable football cards? What are the most valuable football cards in circulation today?

Interesting Football Cards with High Value
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Tom Brady is a lock as an eventual inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Brady has six Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots in his twenty-year career with the team. He was signed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 and won his seventh Super Bowl overall with the Buccaneers during his first year as their quarterback. Brady accomplished all this (plus a bevy of MVP and other awards) before announcing his retirement in February 2023. One aspect making Brady’s career even more special is his selection in only the sixth round of the NFL Draft.

He proved all doubters wrong again and again throughout his brilliant 23-season career. He did not shown signs of his football prowess diminishing, even playing until 45 years of age. All this contributes to making the Tom Brady rookie card highly valuable. 

The Lelands Tom Brady rookie card sold for $2,250,000. Two months after that sale, however, a Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket Autograph edition graded at Mint 9 was sold for $3,107,000. Brady’s 2000 rookie season is one for the ages. It only makes sense his rookie season trading cards follow suit.

Sirius Sports Cards has a wide variety of football sports cards available for affordable prices. Of the more than 16,200 cards available at the time of this writing, prices range from approximately $1 to $2,572 for select cards.

If you are starting out your collection or looking for specific football player cards to collect, this online marketplace is an excellent place to begin your search. 

The 130 Sports Cards website ( is another excellent resource for locating football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and other top sports cards in circulation today. 130 Sports Cards also provides player checklists and helps consumers locate specific cards via eBay auctions and other types of eBay sales.

The Tom Brady cards are still some of the most valuable in circulation today. Even Hall-of-Famer quarterback Peyton Manning’s Mint condition (PSA 9) cards sell for more than $20,000. Some of Manning’s rookie cards are available for under $600 as well.

What are some of the other most valuable football player trading cards in circulation today?

  • 1966 Philadelphia (PSA 9 Mint) Dick Butkus (RC) @ $15,000.
  • 1971 Topps (PSA 9 Mint) Terry Bradshaw (RC) @ $23,000.
  • 1972 Topps (PSA 9 Mint) Roger Staubach (RC) @ $25,000.
  • 1976 Topps (PSA 9 Mint) Walter Payton (RC) @ $81,600.

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Updated on 05/12/2022