Owning a phone stand might seem like a luxury. In some cases it is, but even so, why not? Phone stands provide a home-based hands-free experience comparable to what is required in vehicles. This convenience is highly useful, especially when taking notes while talking or multi-tasking in other ways.

Apply this to the increased number of work-from-home jobs in modern times and the convenience is not only expanded, but also converted to a necessity. Some people have physical disabilities which make holding, viewing, and talking on the phone simultaneously a frustrating challenge.

Best Phone Stands (and the LG Wing Swivel Phone)
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Using a phone holder such as the Lamicall Flexible Arm 360 Mount Clip Bracket is an excellent way to make talking on the phone convenient and productive again.

The LoveHandle 360 is a universal swivel phone mount for your car. This type of product allows you to rotate your phone for optimal viewing and usage angles.

Please note: LG makes an actual swivel phone (LG Wing) which has accessory-type features in an actual phone. The LG Wing sells for approximately $1,000 brand-new and specializes in dual-screen viewing and gimbal camera mode object stabilization.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch store sells multiple watch models and top compatible accessories. All Galaxy Watch accessories are made for Android-only systems and watches. Silicone watch bands are available.

Top Samsung Galaxy Watch accessories available today include:

  • Senioroy replacement charger.
  • Cheopz travel watch case.
  • Spigen Galaxy Watch Stand.
  • Avod nylon sport band.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Duo (wireless charging pad)
  • Anker PowerCore Slim (portable power bank).

Proprietary clear screen protectors are sold through Samsung as well. Top third-party Samsung Watch screen protectors such as the ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ are also available through retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.

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