Running during the winter months is an entirely different subject altogether. The purpose of running is to maintain cardiovascular fitness, boost your energy and increase endurance. This means snow pants bib products are not necessarily appropriate for this type of winter activity.

True, winter runners still need outfits capable of keeping them warm and dry during their jogs. They also need outfits designed to keep them moving through cold stiff winds with as little resistance as possible. Choosing the best gear for your winter running activities therefore requires some comparison-shopping and research.

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Finding the best women’s running pants for cold weather also depends on the temperatures in which you will be running. Leggings work great down to approximately thirty-degree temperatures. Once the temperature hits twenty-nine degrees you possibly need your leggings to also be thermal. Fleece-lined or thermal leggings are advisable when temperatures reach nineteen degrees or lower, however. 90 Degree by Reflex is the most popular pair of fleece-lined leggings for running in winter temperatures today. These leggings are quite affordable (under $30!) but do not let the price fool you.

90 Degree by Reflex makes highly comfortable leggings products in a wide variety of fashionable colors. If you are looking for fleece-lined leggings with stirrups and layering potential, look no further than Plush leggings sold by ShopBop. Wearable in isolation or as a thermal layer for running, Plush leggings provide the warmth, comfort, and versatility you need for runs of all types and lengths this winter. If you simply want thermal leggings without a fleece lining, you need to look at the Polartec Power Stretch Tight leggings by Athleta.

Reviews from runners in the coldest U.S. states claim these Athleta leggings help them stay warm outside during temperatures of twenty degrees and colder. The Thermal Accelerate Compression Tights by 2XU are excellent running pants for men. These tights feature 70D material and graduated compression to reduce general fatigue and specific muscle soreness after runs on the coldest of days.

Specific jackets and shoes are also essential when going for runs in the winter. If you are a regular runner this makes it all-the-more important to wear the best possible outdoor gear for your regular exercise routines. The Atom LT Hoody by Arc’teryx is a versatile winter midlayer jacket designed to handle a wide range of temperatures from chilly to downright cold. This hoodie is insulated but breathable. It wicks moisture without weighing you down and is available for both women and men.

The Challenger ATR 6 by Hoka ($140) for men is one of the best pairs of winter running shoes for cushioning and comfort. The Peregrine 11 ST by Saucony ($130) is the best for running in the snow, however. Peregrine 11 ST models are available for both men and women, making it truly one of the best winter running shoe models and brands for winter runners today.

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