Your hands might not be the windows to your soul, but they are still a vital part of your everyday activities. You need the best hand lotion for dry skin in winter to protect your hands from the elements, the same way you protect your face, lips, and skin around your body. Fortunately, multiple top hand care products are on the market now. If you need the top-rated hand cream for dry skin this winter, continue reading below.

Neutrogena is one of the top skincare product companies in business today. Neutrogena hand cream is popular because it works well for extended periods of time. The original Neutrogena hand care product was discontinued, but other great skin care products for your hands by this company are still available. 

Top Hand Cream Options Available Today
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For example, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream is a non-greasy product with 24-hour moisturization (on sale for $5.24 now!). Are you looking for the best fragrance-free hand cream available today? Try the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream for only $3.63 for 2-ounce bottles (available on the Neutrogena website or through your favorite retailer).

The best hand cream for you is one capable of absorbing into your skin type and providing all-day protection. The No-Crack 16-oz. Super Hand Cream product ($15,95) is another top fragrance-free product designed to protect your hands during cold winter days. This Duluth Trading-made cream is so trusted and powerful it has also been used by factory workers and farmers since its initial release in 1942.

The cream’s primary ingredient (allantoin) is included to help heal minor wounds and promote the growth of new healthy skin tissue on your hands. Duluth Trading is considered by many consumers to make the top-rated hand cream for dry hands in need of skin repair today. Hand damage caused by dryness or other winter weather conditions are no match for Duluth products.

One such product example is the Duluth Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair balm. This balm is designed to help heal hands beat-up from work, weather, or sport. Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm is made with a long-lasting lanolin formula to reduce the need for repeated applications. Duluth Trading also donates a portion of the proceeds made from sales of this balm to U.S. veterans.

Additional top-rated scented hand creams for this winter include:

• YESto Coconut.

• Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream.

• L’Occitane (lavender, cherry blossom, and rose scents available).

• Soap & Glory Hand Food Cream (macadamia/marshmallow).

If your hands are not prone to excessive dryness in the winter or you are simply looking for the best scented hand creams available, continue reading now. The EOS Berry Blossom hand cream has a mild berry scent, which is pleasing but not overbearing. EOS also makes Cucumber and Fresh Flowers scented hand creams, all containing antioxidants, aloe, and shea butter.

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