One of the best ways to get lower prices is to take advantage of tire rebate offers and coupons. Many garages and automobile service centers offer daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal coupon specials. These discount tire coupons can save you anywhere from ten to fifty percent or more on new sets of tires depending on the situation and time of year.


For example, a Walmart Auto Center might offer (approximately) ten percent off tire sales every Tuesday. National Tire and Battery (NTB) might sell tires at lower prices once every quarter. Most coupons, however, are found online in modern times.

Take Advantage of Rebates and Coupons

E-coupons are the most common way to get lower prices on tires fast. These coupons might also only be available during certain holiday sales. Some coupons offer a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) discount or increasing discount amounts for each additional tire purchased. 

For example, one tire might cost you a regular price, but if you purchase two you might get a ten percent discount. If you purchase three, the discount might increase to fifteen percent. If you purchase a full set (often recommended) you might get as much as twenty percent or more discounted from the total price.

Generally, average prices for single tires are approximate:

How much do new tires cost? So many answers exist for this one simple question. Tire prices vary based on size, type, tread quality, brand, and location. Tire prices also vary based on how many you purchase at once, delivery charges, and if you need them installed and balanced. The cost of a new tire also varies based on the type of vehicle for which it is designed.

  • $100/tire (average car)
  • $175/tire (SUV)
  • $200/tire (pickup truck)
  • $60 – $550 (per single snow tire)
  • $100 – $1,400 (per tire for sports cars or luxury vehicles)

Multiple popular coupon websites are also available to help you get great discounts on tires. Coupons and rebates almost always have expiration dates, so it is important to verify those dates for accuracy to ensure you will get the prices you expect at purchase time. Groupon and CouponCabin are two popular coupon-generating websites where low prices on high-quality tires are available.

Honey and TheKrazyCouponLady are two other popular coupon and discount-based websites. It is also possible to conduct basic internet searches using Yelp, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to locate tire rebates and coupons online. Finally, when shopping at Walmart, Sears, or other stores where auto services are combined with additional retail options, take some time to stop into the applicable auto centers.

Ask for fliers and information about when the next sales events are taking place. Ask the managers where you can find coupons and rebate offers. Also, ask if they price match with competitor tire sales stores. You never know – you just might get a customized deal because you took the time to ask for one.